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LED Lighting Features

LED lighting represents the future of the lighting industry. Already, many commercial and industrial entities have embraced LED lighting due to its many benefits, and LED lighting will soon be commonplace in residential settings.

The advantages of LED lighting include:

  • Extremely long operational life as compared with other lighting options (for example, 50,000 hours for a white LED lamp vs. 5,000 hours for an incandescent lamp)
  • Long life means a drastic reduction of maintenance costs for lamp replacements
  • Dramatically reduced power consumption as compared with other lighting options, which means a savings of energy costs

While LED light lamps are still comparatively expensive, users recoup their costs over time in energy and maintenance savings. As research and development of this technology continues, LED lighting will eventually replace virtually every type of fixture and lamp currently in use.


  • GE Lighting - LED flourescent and HID lamps and ballasts
  • Cooper Lighting - commercial, industrial and residential indoor and outdoor lighting
  • Lithonia Lighting - LED flourescent, HID indoor and outdoor light fixtures and life safety products
  • RAB Lighting - outdoor LED, HID and CFL lighting fixtures


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